a find!

I found this cute painting at a local thrift store and am unsure whether I love the simple frame, or want to make toothpicks with it. Nothing a can of spray paint can't fix.

See that smudge by the teapot lid? Did a little spit check to make sure it was a real watercolor. LESSON LEARNED.

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  1. I'm all about 'finds'..we are leaving for Monterey on Saturday. I have convinced my DH that I can be so organized, that I can make a dash up to our flea market before we leave. So far he is not saying 'no way'. He got bonked on the head today at work..do you think that might have something to do with his sweetness? Nah..he is just sweet! I am hoping I can remember your lesson about not spitting on water colors..thanks for the head's up!


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