in the merry month of may!

Not only does May mark the start of a (happy) downward slope into summer, it also marks the start of Creative Beginnings Month! Although I couldn't find much information about this month-long observance, I'm elated that it exists and am taking it at face value.

So often creative projects become creative challenges because we get hung up in the details. We notice the scrapes, smudges and snags rather than the fulfillment and growth that can come from seeing creativity take shape. When you were 4, no one cared if your rainbow mobile was a little lopsided. Or that all the crepe paper colors were bleeding into the cotton balls because you used HALF A BOTTLE OF GLUE . (I did.)

Creativity, much like your preschool artwork, must be process oriented. This month, challenge yourself to focus on the process and find a new creative beginning, whether it be picking up a entirely new creative outlet, simply developing a new perspective on your current creativity or just engaging in some creative thinking.

Here are my top 5 creative projects for this month:

*Brighten up my drab office space-I feel right brain cells die each time I look at my grey bulletin board

*Make these artsy enameled bottles in time for colorful summer bouquets

*Visit the Farmer's Market every plausible Saturday

*Send my San Franciscan best friend a truly creative/thoughtful anniversary gift

*Visit the Minneapolis Museum of Art

You have 31 days. GET CREATIVE!


  1. Miss Beth! I had no idea you were a blogger. Why didn't you speak up sooner, girl!? Seriously, welcome. Isn't this an addicting hobby? I love, love your little blog. I wish that those 2 cute etsy shops still had "home is where my mom is" dishes. Am so in love!!

  2. I'm going to the Farmer's Market on Saturday...wanna come along?
    Then I'm going Jessi Scheberl's senior art show, which could be fun too.

  3. Your projects for the Summer look like fun..especially the Farmer's Market..you have the BEST one I've seen, and I've seen alot from Hawaii to Carmel..and that includes the one that Martha herself went to in Santa Barbara with Julia Child (back in the day)..she needs to visit Eau Claire! I'll call her now ;o)!


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