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In a last ditch effort to embrace the weekend, Gabe, my mom and I decided to spend a few blessed hours in Stillwater, MN. Although at times a bit of a tourist trap, at just over an hour away Stillwater is right on the water and provides the perfect opportunity for a last minute getaway! Most of the action happens right on six blocks of Main Street...

Pulp Fashion, my favorite store in Stillwater, turns out the most creative and hip paper supplies I’ve ever feasted my eyes on.

Normally, picking up paper and pen to write a letter or make a card feels so time consuming, but the Pulp Fashion vintage-meets-modern-meets-letterpress style could definitely make it worth my while! The store also features a "Man Room", with a big ol' TV and one massive chair that Gabe cannot get enough of. I wish I to hug whoever created this room. It has probably saved my relationship.

Just a few blocks up the street, Tremblay's Sweet Shop teems with adorable baskets of old-style candies and treats. I can't lie...I gave in to the peanut butter fudge.

At least six antique shops line Main Street, which can only increase your chances at finding a quirky souvenier! It worked in my favor that the pottery I fell for was ever so slightly out of my price range...by at least a week's worth of pay...

Biggest regret of the day? Not making it to this one. I couldn't stop drooling at the window display while trying to take this picture. Good thing next weekend looks free...

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  1. Do you suppose my penchant for all things paper, ribbony, vintage, sweets and French stores with the name of Rose Mille..with the most flirty French song on their web site will make Stillwater a must see? I hear there is a fun three tour on a steam wheeler there too! Your blog is fun and fresh...thanks for sharing.


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