a very *green* birthday to you!

Sunday marked my big sisters twenty third birthday, and I happened upon GeoGreeting (thanks to how about orange) just in time to break it out for her! Basically, type in any word or phrase, and Geogreeting will put together a stream of arial photos from all across the world to spell out your message. It will even show you where each of the photos was taken. Surprisingly, many of these are from the Minneapolis area. Love it.

Thankfully, my sister was out of town and all too busy to see me until tomorrow night, which gave me at least three extra shopping days (thanks, sis...). But, with her birthday so close to Earth Day, I couldn't help but put together the "Going Green Starter Pack".

Here's my receipe for beginner *greenness*:

~One sizable, yet managable linen shopping bag.

~One 100% recycled notebook

~Two 100% recycled passport journals (she's hoping to visit India next summer)

~One 70% recycled small diary

~One adorable Starbucks water bottle (no picture yet--sorry!)

Its amazing how quickly green is spreading. I'm a definite green novice, but from what I've seen-green looks GREAT. Not only does it look great, but reducing, reusing and recycling has become so much easier in the last few months. Even my Target plasic bag came with a list of '10 Ways to Reuse Your Target Bag'. I'll be cashing in on use #7--Kitty Litter Liner. Go Target!

So, Dana, I hope you don't read this before dinner tomorrow night. If you do, well...there goes that surprise...

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