a bit of whimsy

I love the puddles and earthy smell that rain brings even more than I love sunshine. A few weeks ago after a night of showers, two co-workers poked their heads in and commented that it smelled like worms outside. And they thought it was disgusting.

I never realized that the smell I was smitten with was actually...worms. Suddenly the rain's whimsy factor took a giant tank in my book...

But at least the rain is a great excuse for investing in a cheery umbrella, like these from pare*umbrella.

(Photo by BlendedSplendid)

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  1. Oh..you may be surprised that I love worms.;o)...come visit my compost heap sometime! Now if it smelled like alligator lizards outside...I'd be disgusted too....they bare their teeth and hiss! Good news, they mainly hide under things and are rarely seen. Unless you have a kitty with a penchant for all things lizard..which means I see them frequently these days...dang cat. Back to the worms..they are our garden friends, they are our garden friends..say that three times and click a pair of your dainty red shoes together and you will be all fine! p.s. did I tell you I collect vtg umbrella's.. ;o)


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