My officemate and I were pondering the ancient tomato pincushion this afternoon. Why tomatoes? And why the strange extra strawberry/cherry tomato? AND WHY HAVE WE ALL CONFORMED?

I researched these questions, and none of the answers are as exciting as the recent non-conformist pincushion explosion which can be seen all over the internet! Chet and Dot's shop offers some fresh and unfussy cushions, while Sheasy has whipped up some quirky little cactus cushions. Love them both!

These bottle cap pincushions are a great way to use up scraps and are from are a nice step far, far away from the, er, produce section.

(Photo by Modern Charm)


  1. Tomato pin cushions are so grandma.

  2. I am going to donate my tomato pin cushions to old folks home now. I feel embarrassed.

  3. Here's the thing, I don't even mind the tomato pincushions...its just strange that until recently I never saw anything else!

    While doing a little research, I found out that years ago tomatoes were thought to bring good fortune to a household, so people began setting fake tomatoes on their mantles. Eventually the fake tomatoes were used as pincushions!

    So, you must have a home full of prosperity :)

  4. Hmmm..I was just kidding. I don't may one stashed somewhere..but not certain about that. I do have a bunch of adorable faux vtg cherry tomatoes..do you suppose they count?


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