Resisting a bouquet of inexpensive tulips is tough...especially when I can pay with pocket change!

Did you know that during the 17th century, the Netherlands experienced Tulipmania (seriously...thats the historic term...) and a one little tulip bulb could cost up to SIX times the average yearly income? Apparently tulips became such a hot little item, that they were quoted at the stock exchange in many Dutch towns!

I left these in Gabe's apartment in hopes that they'll distract me from his, ahem, relaxed cleaning schedule. I doubt these little blooms will be the start of anything epic, like weekly dishwashing at the bachelor's pad, but they sure are chipper. I cropped out the basin full of dishes...amazing what a little Photoshop can do :)

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  1. 'weekly dishwashing' has not started? This is not a good example for Ned! I'm scared. Tulips are just the best!


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