charmed, i'm sure.

I finally stopped at Vintage Hearts (sorry, no website), a little shop in downtown Eau Claire that I've been eyeing for the last year. Packed in between a few office buildings and a slew of college bars, its easy to miss, but what a find! The inside, although small, is just as cozy and hip as the window display-perfect for a 10 minute lunch break browse.

Items that are obviously handmade charm the heck out of me, so I picked up a cute handmade makeup/accessories pouch, which looks a lot like this one from bagsbymelanie.

This experience brings me to a pertinent question: What are the photography etiquette rules in boutiques, specialty and antique shops? I'm frequently struck with a case of 'shutterbug' while exploring these places, because everything is so wonderfully displayed...but can never quite bring myself to whip out my camera inside. I love taking window shots (like the one above) but I can't help but feel like I missed out on some prime photo opportunities by being too timid to ask.

Your thoughts?


  1. I've wondered this too. I wonder if you ask the store owner about taking pix, and that you want to blog about it..good free advertising! I dunno..I've felt shy too..like I'm doing something wrong..me lurking outside of the Shabby Chic store in Newport Beach..taking pix, sure Rachael A. was going to jump out and clobber me..anyhooo...cute store!

  2. I LOVE Vintage Hearts! Miss that darling place. It always puts you in such a good mood...No matter what. In the past when I've found myself completely smitten & drooling over a shop, I'll kindly ask the owner if I can take pics for my blog. More often than not, they'll comply, especially if you aren't taking close-ups of any one specific thing. It helps to buy something (which you did, good for yoU!) and to offer to write down the link to your blog so they can check out your write up. They'll be flattered.

  3. Oh I love this place! Love, love , love it! =) So super cute!


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