a few purchases from crafted together...

These hair pins by Vintage Recreations may be my favorite purchase. Can't wait to wear them! It was tough deciding on an item, since nearly everything at VR's table was a vintage piece repurposed into a more modern, wearable piece.

Deux Amis Designs lured me in with these adorable vintage buttons turned magnets. It seems the fate of cute magnets to look lovely, but lack the ability to actually hold a piece of paper for more than a nanosecond. But, I gave these the test...they hold strong! I don't plan on keeping them on my teapot but they looked much better there than on a bland white fridge.

I made it my mission to collect a business card from every artist/crafter with fabulous wares...this is just a peek at my card pile!

To say this event was a hit would be an understatement! Another Crafted Together is being planned for October...so you can imagine my excitement :)


  1. Nice haul...those pins will look so lovely in your beautiful hair, the button magnets are a wonderful repurposed/going green thing..only us vintage lovers (especially vtg gals like me!) having been going green for years..and love the business cards..I have a 'thang' for business cards. Nice collection. Looks like you had a wonderful time! G'bye from Monterey!

  2. love the magnets! Also i like the sweet pea button hairpins too. Those are really cute.


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