fickle friday...

Each Friday I'll be posting with a trend that's left me completely on the fence. Read on and cast a vote!

Here's a fad I just can't decide on. Wall decals, like this one from Blik, are popping up everywhere. Could this be a fun option for making stark white walls sparkle or adding punchy personality to a drab pad? Or are wall decals completely over the top and overdone?

Stop by next week for another installment of Fickle Friday :)


  1. You know, I just can't decide, I think there could be some really cool applications like in kids rooms or something

    I do like the kind-of minimalist ones and contemporary ones I have seen. I guess I would have to LOVE it in order to get one and try it!

  2. I really don't like them. Maybe for wallpaper if you have tons of the same pattern?

  3. I actually really love them, but only if they are put up in the right spot...

  4. I was sitting on the fence about these until I saw Lewa's Designs on Etsy (thanks Bethany for introducing me to Etsy!).

    Look at these: http://www.etsy.com/shop.php?user_id=5514532
    Love them!

  5. She does have some cute ones, Dana.

    I think if I were to cave and go for the wall decals...I might use a few small decals in the bathroom since it isn't a room that (hopefully) most people spend a large amount of time in.

    I think in a living room or bedroom I'd get tired of looking at them.

  6. I think they are great. I really love them because I'm always living somewhere where I can't do any permanent damage to the walls. I'm thinking of gettinjg a huge cheery vertical "hello" for the sliding mirrored doors in our kitchen. Yes, that's right mirrored doors that hide the fuse panel. So I figure it can't get any worse, right? So I thought a decal could add some humor!


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