fickle friday

Dear Vintage-Inspired Kitchen Appliance,
I love you . You make my palms sweat and my heart beat fast. You are fresh and oh-so-hip. But...I can't help but think you are slightly clunky and (please forgive me) decor-limiting. And maybe just a passing trend (I am sorry to be so blunt)?
Please do not hate me.
All my love,


  1. I once let a pink get away from me years ago..if nothing else it could have been my garage fridge..I've been wanting vtg looking kitchen appliances almost as long as I've been vintage myself!

  2. I love the quirky appliance look. It's so cute and one-of-a-kind. Keep it, love!

    Amanda Hulke

  3. As much as I love them now...if I would invest in appliances, I'd like to get quite a few years out of them...and am definitely afraid of this fad matching the avocado green fad...


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