As of today, my mother has an empty nest and I have a new address.

A piece of me is*elated* to have my long-awaited place of my own. But another part of me is rather emotional about leaving. I've never moved in my life. I have every squeaky floorboard memorized. My dad's powertools are, um, 50 feet away and ready for action at any moment. My bedroom walls have at least 5 different colored paint coats, and memories to go along with each layer.

Bittersweet is the name of the game this weekend. But, this girl is 21 years old...it is time!

So goodbye, aqua bedroom and memorized squeaky floorboards. Goodbye, sidewalks I used to chalk. Goodbye, corner of Mercury and Eddy. I will miss you all.

Hello, cute one bedroom upper. I'm seriously digging you.

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  1. Oh, congrats! I so wish I was there with you.

    Instead, here I am a little drunk (on a Sunday even) with my 2 kiddos nicely tucked away in bed an my hubyb in the other room watching a movie!

    Sigh...better get to bed as there is work tomorrow!


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