in love.

Domino's Stuff You Went Nuts For features 70 of the magazine's biggest hits from the last year and has completely inspired me! I'm head over heels for lighter shades of aqua paired with greens, creams and pinks. I am, however, not in love with the chair on the right in this photo. It reads a little grandma to me.

But the rest...I'm sold. Its probably in my best interest that I'll soon have a miniscule expendable income, or I'd be tempted to do some hefty shopping this weekend!

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  1. That is a sweet room..you are right about the chair..if it was comfortable, (tho it looks so square, hard and might even smell funny) I'd get it slipcovered. I am loving aqua, cream and greens too. The flip side is French reds, taupe's and creams..who am I? Hmmm need a magazine to come my way..I got all excited today..the mailbox looked promising, but it was Popular Mechanics..doh!


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