a little DIY...

Yesterday's thrift sales gifted me this amazing $10 find...a handmade desk. The woman selling it was rather attached. Her father made it years ago, but she no longer had the space to keep it. Knowing I needed a workspace for my new apartment, I was drawn to its clean lines and multiple drawers that I knew could cover a multitude of cluttery sins. So, the last 24 hours of my life have been spent with a belt sander in hand, and surfing the internet for eclectic little colored glass drawer knobs.

Oh, yes I'm makeupless and wearing a giant black work shirt...so be cool, internet. We can't all be glamour goddesses.


  1. so cute! am excited about your steal!

  2. That's the coolest desk ever...She couldn't have been too attached to sell it for only $10! Can't wait to see the finished product!

  3. Nifty! Nice work area and storage..good find!


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