As much as I wish could exhibit some self-restraint and filter out the kitten photos...I'll be honest. It is simply not possible. If pet photos completely cheese you off (I understand)...but you should probably just skip me on Wednesdays, because today I am declaring (WITH ONLY A SLICE OF SHAME) that Wednesdays here on Rinse*Repeat are officially Ned'sdays!

Ned's new favorite item, Mr. Potato Head glasses, officially go wherever he goes. He likes best to carry them in his mouth to the top of our wingback chair, where he then snuggles next to them. I, however, do not allow him to play with them while we're gone because I'm afraid he'll choke or poke his eye out.

This blatant exhibition of OCD tendencies explains exactly why I can never have children...


  1. Perhaps he feels smarter with glasses? It gives him something to feel important about..."I am so wise, I have glasses."

  2. LOVE that picture!

    Now to find my sons mr potato head glasses and put them on the cat.

    i like your cat picture day.. i would post pics of my son but there are weirdos out there!


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