on the heels of thursday...

Is it already Fickle Friday? I'm not complaining...

Something that's left me especially torn:

Uglydolls. Did a little research...there are over 20 different Uglydolls, each handmade and with its own personality description. Urban Outfitters and Nordstom have started to carry them, and the knock offs are all over the internet...could this be the next big fad?

Half of me is terribly freaked out by them. My mind is boggled wondering what they actually are, who they're marketed towards, and why they look so darn angry. And the other half of me wants hug each one til glows. Oh, and high five the creators for making something new and different.

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  1. I think some of them can be really cute.. Like the big toe guy


    I saw him in person before and thought he was super cute but for 20 bucks eek!

    btw: thanks about my fireplace... its pretty but its sooo white!


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