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Since neither of my parents come from wealth and, as far as I can figure, my ancestors were almost entirely German immigrants, I've always assumed there wouldn't be many heirloom pieces falling into my hands anytime soon.

However, several years ago this glass cake stand was given to my parents by my grandmother. Assuming my grandmother had simply downsized her kitchen, I never really asked about it.

The other day, while flipping through an old Real Simple, I came across an article about cake stands and thought the subject would make for a cute blog post. I snapped a couple quick pictures of my fav cake stand and decided to e-mail my grandma to see if she had a fun little memory I could include.

And, wow.

It turns out that this cake stand was a wedding gift to my (very German speaking) great, great grandmother, who lived with my grandfather's family until she passed away. After making several family trees...and crunching the number for a few minutes, I believe this makes the cake stand at least 80 years old!

Definitely heirloom-worthy.


  1. That is a beautiful cake plate and a wonderful family story. Your granny is using email? Cool. I love knowing the history behind things. I have two pedestal cake plates. One milk glass one, this is like a Martha Stewart one she had on her front cover once. She did an article on milk glass. My Mom bought for me at a yard sale. So the family history is a tad short compared to yours ;o)! If you see anything with a pedestal in your wanderings, grab it!

  2. I try to collect cake stands, but have none with a history...other than I liked them when I bought them!

    Maybe my daughter will want them some day and then there will be a little history!

  3. FYI, church rummage sales are fun to check out for all kinds of vtg things. I hear this from my ;o) vtg friends in the mid-west and the east coast..check them out this Summer!
    Hugs to Ned~!


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