take it outside.

Is it unnatural that I'm still mourning the complete lack of patio space at my new place? Perhaps.

If I had the space (and cash...lots of it), these fabulous outdoor furniture sets by
West Elm would be a dream come true. Love that the pieces lack the typical wicker look. Wicker is great, but it can feel almost blow-away-in-the-wind flimsy! Without being weighty or impractical, West Elm pulls off a cozy and anchored vibe. Very contemporary and hip.

That couch lands at number 3 on the list of places I must snooze before I die. Helllooo, catnap!

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  1. Patio's and garden space are amazing. I always marvel at the 'outside rooms' that I see. As you know I do have a decent yard and two patios (tho not comtemporary or hip!)..and even have folks come over and compliment me on the loveliness. I just thank them (with my sweet garden lady face on) as I fill their tea glass up. Little do they know that my garden space is a war zone of furry rodents, that some people like..they are called squirrels (would they be shocked at my 'take aim face?) That I am constantly fighting my oak trees..the shade is wonderful and dreamy. The reality..they drop leaves, acorns, an occasional huge limb and oak smutz on everything. Oak worms zoom down on their own web. Aphids drip honey pee, bird poop..did I mention the bird poop? Now the wonderful apple tree. Love that apple tree. Ask Gabe how many years he spent throwing little green apples over the fence into the woods. I'm on a rant....sorry. Okay..that is beautiful furniture and the view isn't bad either! p.s. I have honey suckle and sweet peas blooming now..there are some garden pay offs ;o).


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