to market, to market...

In keeping with my promise from the beginning of May, I've been at the Farmer's Market whenever possible. I especially adore the few stands that carry the unexpected market finds like beeswax lotions, soap and candles.

Or Stinky Sheep sachets, by Riverwinds Farm, which in truth do not stink at all but smell remarkably like fresh lavender. Brimming with colorful skeins of yarn and wool, their booth caught my eye with its fetching mittens, hats and sweet little flower pins.

Also...a certain market connoisseur has recently informed me that our market in Eau Claire rivals Julia Child's beloved Santa Barbara market.

Snoot, snoot. :)

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  1. Yup..it's true..best farmer's market I've ever seen ;o)...I thot about you today!


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