to mom

Hello Mom,
Today is your day, at least thats what Hallmark tells me. Personally, I'm of the belief that everyday should be your day...some would call that unrealisitic, I call it deserved.

Throughout the years, you always dreamed of staying home full-time and building this perfect life. But, I can honestly say I'm so glad you didn't. I can't imagine growing up with a 'perfect' mother. In a spotless house, where painting my room aqua at 3am was unacceptable and driving me to three play rehearsals in one night was too much work. You and Dad have encouraged and supported my various, and at times strange, creative whims.

I know in the past you haven't always felt like a great mom. You thought because you missed a volleyball game, or corrected papers until 10:00pm, that suddenly Dana and I were bound to get caught huffing spray paint behind the dumpsters at school. And, when asked why, we would barely choke out, "My mom...makes Hamburger Helper...five nights a week..." You were there for the big things, and made up for missing some small things. That is all that I remember, and all that matters.

Its amazing how much better mothers get when you grow up. They become friends and confidants. In the past year, I've confided in you and found strength in your wisdom. I think daughters get better as time passes, too. They become a respectful, intelligent friend and a great fashion consultant. You've given up turtlenecks and switched to bootcut jeans just this year! BOOTCUT, mom. That is big stuff.

There really isn't much to say other than a simple thank you. But remember, in 30 years, I'll be working three jobs to stock your Sudoku stash and keep you in Depends...so it all comes full circle. You obviously caught the better end of the bargain stick :)

All my love,


  1. I love that in your letter to mom AND kitchen appliances, you signed "All my love,"...as if they're on the same level.

  2. Glad you're picking up what I'm putting down!



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