Oh, dear valued readers. I know you are out there and thank you so much for reading. Thanks to cookies, I know exactly when and where and how many times you are reading...a little voyeuristic, I know, but it makes my heart skip a beat when everyday I see that someone new (or old) read me. You are valued. The fact that everyday a group of people take the time to read what I have to say...is much appreciated :) Drop me a comment sometime. I love your thoughts! Also, if you blog, send me your blog link. I'd be ecstatic to read about your life!

(A little park Gabe and I love)

So sorry for the lack of exciting new posts of the the last week or so...life has been crazy. Driving to the airport at 3 am, packing 22 years worth of items, celebrating birthdays, graduations, weddings, finding everything a single girl needs in her home and learning to ride a bike (truly) has taken up vast amounts of time. But, let me tell you what, I am more inspired in my life than I ever have been. Inspired to be someone new, to be who I always have been but in a new way, to learn something new, to use what I already know, to meet new people, to further appreciate and love those that I know...I am all around inspired.

Its not true what they say about adulthood. It isn't terrible. It doesn't suck. At least it doesn't have to :)


  1. I love adulthood...granted its has its downs like bills and stuff...but it's fun living your own life!! =)

  2. Oh I love reading your blog! It's so beautiful, fun, and cheery! I love the little park pic, where is that?


Every time you comment, a unicorn gets his wings. Also, my phone beeps and your words bring me joy. :)


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