crafter's union.

Downside to living in a lovely, but midsized town in Wisconsin? Limited access to nifty things, because BAD NEWS, Hancock Fabrics really is no place to get inspired, my friends. There's got to be some sort of a Crafter's Union for the Beautification of the City that is siting inadequate inspirational materials in the Greater Eau Claire area.

Nifty things, like a store that sells Joel Dewberry's new Ginsing fabric collection (above), would make my heart soar! This might merit a trip to Crafty Planet in Minneapolis. Slumming it in the thift store's fabric section is just not cutting it anymore.


  1. I know exactly what you mean! We have the same "problem" in my town here in the middle of Kansas!

  2. I knew there were hints that you were a fabric junkie..but I hoped I was wrong. Takes one to know one. I hope you can visit me again before this year is out, I will show you a collection that is mind boggling. I may be wrong, but I thot I noticed one corner of my house was sagging where said mother-lode of vtg fabric is hidden..er stashed..uh stored.


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