cut a rug!

Congrats to my long-time friends Jeff and Eleise who tied the knot in a candlelight ceremony last night! Thankfully the forcasted rain and wicked weather held off so we could enjoy their elegant reception.

Wishing them the very best of luck on their future together! Enjoy the exotic honeymoon!

(Apologies on the lack of photos. Completely forgot the camera.)


  1. just so you know...i am totally stealing this picture! its so cute! and i fell in love with the love birds right away! i have this curtain obsessing with decorative birds so it was the greatest gift we got!

  2. Steal away. I'm bummed that I forgot my camera!

    I'm glad you liked it! I also meant to write "open me" on the back side...but I figured you'd get the idea that there was something inside the envelope :)

    Have a wonderful, wonderful honeymoon!


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