hand me down.

My cousin, Gloria, was confirmed today and wore my grandmother's confirmation dress, which was also worn by my mom. Cute! Unfortunately, when I was confirmed I chose to wear a hideous ankle length floral dress and a dowdy cardigan...because that's what my friend's and I wore in 2000. Bad choice...

Here's a picture of my sweet little grandma wearing the dress 58 years ago!


  1. How cool is that?

    My kiddos wore the baptism gown that my husband wore and his dad's whole family before him.

    It gave me the chills to think of all of generations around the baptismal font.

  2. I never realized how much you and Grandma looked alike until I saw your blog...wow! I think we should post your confirmation picture to compare...but considering what we both wore for confirmations, I would completely understand if you didn't! Yikes!

    Side note...Grandma and Cousin Gloria wore the same dress and were confirmed by the same pastor! Not only did the dress last, but Pastor Radtke did too!

  3. Dresses and Pastor's..that is a lovely picture of your grandmother..and the story is the sweetest.

  4. 'Dresses and Pastors'...I think I was tired when I wrote that. I wish I had a delete button.

  5. I love that story! You look a lot like your grandma:)


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