seal the deal.

Congratulations to one of my favorite females, Stephanie, who married her high school sweetheart this weekend in her hometown of Valentine, Nebraska!

I've known Stephanie for years, but have spent the last three sharing an office the size of a closet along side her. So, needless to say, I love her dearly have been eagerly awaiting her wedding since she and husband Dale became engaged in November of '06!

Well, her day finally came and everything about it was summer and sunshine.

A few photos, from left to right:

  • A cheery Valentine sign not far from the church
  • The bride and groom entering their reception
  • The bridesmaids' adorable reception footwear (very fitting...everything was citrus!)
  • One of several well wishing Valentine businesses
  • A sweet favor tin filled with tangy lemonheads
  • The gorgeous bridesmaid bouquets (Brent Douglas!)
  • Lovely fonts and colors from the front of the bulletin
  • Wide vases filled with limes, lemons and oranges brightened the tables in the least fussy of ways
  • Thoughtful guest greetings stocked with directions and visitor information at the front desk of our hotel

Thanks to the new Mr. and Mrs. for a lovely weekend in Nebraska!

Oh, and also many well wishes to my incredible sixth grade teacher, Mrs. Radcliffe, who this week will be honeymooning in the same city as Stephanie and Dale!

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  1. That wedding looked like so much fun. Those citrus boots were great! I loved her theme! Thanks for sharing.


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