good old.

I picked up a copy of Elle Decor this weekend and was elated to find a feature on the Twin Cities! Those two beautiful cities have been my little getaway spot and in the realm of national tourism, I always feel they're overlooked.

One of the recommended "to-do's" was the James J. Hill House, to which I give a resounding YOU MUST SEE. Gabe and I visited it on a whim last fall, and were blown away by the arduous carpentry skills and innovative design solutions. Not to mention the mansion's thirteen bathrooms, art gallery and organ!

The grand staircase can only be described as breathtaking. It was specifically designed to cash in on that warm, sunny glow. Even though I was wearing sweats...I felt like a trillion bucks floating down the stairs.

The laundry room could not have been anymore charming. Not only was it *ginormous*, but it was almost entirely white, with the exception of the perfectly placed black tiles.

The mansion makes for a great park and walk day, since it sits within walking distance of the Cathedral of St. Paul and the Minnesota State Capitol. A tourist trifecta!


  1. Awesome! My brother in law will be moving up that way in a few years. We will certainly be putting this on the list of things to do!

  2. Love that laundry room..looks like a huge mangle off to the side. I see at least two scullery maids working that thing. Some of my vtg linen lady friends have their own, but not this big. I love that black and white room. The light is beautiful.

  3. I know! I love this place too! So amazing...

  4. I love the laundry room. Doing all of ours would be more enjoyable in a place like that. I can't believe I lived in MN as long as I did and I've never gone there.


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