butting in.

( I realize this is two consecutive posts about butts, but in my defense, we're talking about two completely separate things. So bear with me. Oh, and find this insanely sweet necklace here.)

Twelve years ago I knew it was true blue.

I was 10, and deeply in love with all things theatre. But my sixth grade world was rocked when I discovered I had been cast as an elephant for our year-end school play (gooooooodbye, self esteem!). The kicker was...this elephant gig was a two person job. And my job? Bringing up the rear.

Thankfully, my fellow nerdling for life, Becky, was cast as my front half. Knowing how much I was dreading my debut as an elephant's fanny, she selflessly gave up the driver's seat to me and cozied up in the rump.

Happy Girlfriend's Day to all my pals who keep me sane.


smoke signals.

Gabe's neighbors have the darnedest habit of extinguishing their filthy cigarettes into the one outdoor potted plant (which Gabe purchased). This is especially mind boggling since the landlord has so kindly provided an outdoor ashtray for their smoking convenience a mere 12 inches CLOSER to the 'smoke spot'.

In an attempt at witty redirection, I crafted this sign. But nature, I believe, has had the final say. It poured within 48 hours and reduced my sign to mere mush. The cigarettes, however, have mysteriously returned to the ashtray.

Ah, passive aggressive tendencies. You never lead me astray.


scratch n' sniff.

( Picture found via wild goose chase)

Am I crazy, or do you too remember the smell of home?

I'm sure I do. In my mind, home smells like apple cinnamon and linens. No, it doesn't actually smell that way. I suppose that is the romanticised version, the two scents I remember most from my childhood. My mom used to make apple cinnamon ornaments several times a year...fragrant apple and snowmen shapes lined a shelf next to the telephone in the kitchen. My bedroom was steps away from the linen closet, which was a mix of cedar and sunshine. My dad was nutso for line-dried laundry...my mother hated it because it left her jeans crunchy (I agree).

Now, twenty years later I know my parent's home smells differently. It smells of new furniture, fresh paint and dishsoap. But me? I'll always remember apples and linens.


building a nest.

Yesterday morning Gabe dropped by my apartment with an armful of lilies, fresh from the market! I hadn't taken pictures of my place, because it still needs a few homey touches. But I took advantage of yesterday's immaculate morning sunlight and fresh flowers...here are a few frames!

This chair was one of my first DIY projects a while back. I dug its lines and knew I could give it a quick face lift. One can of spray paint and a half of a yard of fabric made a world of difference!

I have a bit of a thing for framed art from thrift and antique stores. I snagged this mirror last year for only four dollars! A whole pile of art awaits my next hanging whim...but my indecisive nature has kept me from making any long term nail holes.
This is my tiny read/think/write corner. Generous co-workers funded the armchair with an IKEA gift card several months ago...I was ever so thankful as I was severely lacking extra seating. My living room is rather minuscule, but it's probably for the best. Forced decor editing!


my, my, how can i resist you?

Although the reviews I've read are hardly raving, if you love ABBA (or musicals in general) this one is a must this summer. Filmed in beautiful Greece, the views are stunning and the cast endearing. Very rarely can I say a movie allowed me to experience a full range of emotions, but let me say this: I laughed, I cried. I clapped at the end. I find clapping at the credits obnoxious. But wholeheartedly, I clapped.


From twenty-two to sixty two years...every single one of my co-workers sang along. It was an exquisite afternoon.


2,146 miles.

An invisible red thread connects those who are destined to meet, regardless of time, place, or circumstance. The thread may stretch or tangle, but it will never break. -an ancient Chinese belief

Whenever I miss my finest gal pal in San Francisco, I think of her standing by the ocean holding onto the end of a tattered old piece of red yarn that has stretched between us all these years.

(artwork by groundwork)

make it work.

Have I been living in THE smallest box or did anyone else know that Project Runway Season 5 premieres tonight? By some whim I looked up PR yesterday only to have my proverbial socks blown straight off when I discovered that I was a mere one day away from fresh load of fashion.

Since I have yet to buy a TV (refusing to shell out the cash until I can afford a 19" flat panel), I am holed up in my parent's living room...waiting. And choosing my favs. He might be promising, and my eyes are also on her. She looks like a snitch.



Photo via BoOnRoRD's droolable flickr photostream
And the days get swampier here in the Midwest, which only leaves me lusting after frozen treats even more frequently. One of my occasional indulgences is green tea ice cream. At first, it was a joke order at our local Japanese restaurant, Shanghai Bistro, and I dared my friends to throw a spoonful down the hatch. But, in a rapid turn of events...I ate it all.

Now a visit to Shanghai isn't complete unless it ends with a scoop of green. And after reading a list of all the benefits of green tea, I've convinced myself that it's healthy.


take a chance on me...

My officemate and I are delirious with excitement...because if there is one thing we love more than a paid holiday it is musicals. Musical soundtracks, movie-musicals, musicals live and in flesh. However they come, we'll take them.

The stars have aligned and our boss's birthday just happens to coincide with this Friday's much anticipated opening of Mamma Mia! We've convinced our boss and co-workers to cash in on an afternoon's worth of personal time to indulge in a little birthday lunch and an afternoon showing.

Colin Firth + ABBA + Guilt-free Friday afternoon = Absolutely. Cannot. Wait.



If you know me at all, you know I adore fall. In the middle of a swampy July day, all I can think of is that autumn is a mere 2 1/2 months away and I'll soon be traipsing through fallen leaves and indulging in all the apple and pumpkin scented candles I can get my mitts on.

And speaking of apples, these apple jackets may be the most impractical thing I've ever needed. But how sweet!



Photo by Shu Ting

The first step is admitting you have a problem.

I fessed up to my complete and utter caff compulsion quite some time ago. Convinced I would live in lifelong subservience to Diet Dew and Mochachinos, never once have I tried to kick the habit, other than the few college-induced days of poverty when I had no choice but to cut consumption in half.

Now, however, I'm in "grown up" world and there are days in which the only warm-fuzzy thought that greets me at my desk in the morning is the pending run down to the basement vending machine...where the sweet, sweet nectar of my existence awaits. Crisp. Cold. Spendy, but cheerfully caffeinated.

That cheer has officially been ripped from my now shaky hands. My boss, a health nut, has convinced me to give it up.

Tonight marks 48 hours, caffeine free.

So far the only side effects I've encountered are headaches, muscle aches, inability to concentrate, fatigue, irritability, slight nausea and one 13 hour nap (not exaggerating). Oh, and that one fleeting moment where I pondered shoving Bic pens in both my eyes and my temples. And then taking a sick day.


shelve [to put on a shelf].

This is what my dream bookcase would look like, thank you

abchao for capturing the feel. I've been sorting my books by color since the first day I moved in and have yet to find the perfect sized bookcase to fit in my itty corner. For now they're stacked in two towering vertical piles, just a wiggle away from complete and devastating destruction.

(Can I just mention how abchao has wrapped up all my hopes and dreams and placed them in her home? View her eclectic and colorful home

here. For a woman who obviously digs color, she's done a ki-i-iller job editing what she brings into her home!)

day by day...

I loathe trying to choose a new calendar every year (this year I gave up). Year by year it seems the choices become more horrendous: 12 Months of Kitty Kat Snuggles or 365 Days of Boop. Godless giant, glossy pages flopping and falling or peeling back one page a day and finding myself 23 days behind by March.

But, I think my 2009 luck may have changed, as I've just found this fussfree template at A Little Hut. Only five dollars and one flip a month. Absolutely no gloss. Just one tiny swatch of fabric or paper for each month.



lazy holiday.

Happy 4th, ladies and gents (and by gents I mean my father who reads occasionally when Everybody Loves Raymond is a rerun he's seen).

My mind is boggled by the fact that it is 10am...and I am being paid to laze in bed and blog. Oh, paid holidays. A luxury for which I am thankful.

I'm off to blow a ton of money making this. Enjoy your day!!


the challenge

So, you may remember a certain creative challenge I committed myself to several months ago...an office/desk makeover. Slowly, slowly I'd begun to feel my brain shrivel up like a 40 year old prune and I decided to blame it all on the complete lack of color in my workspace.

Here's what I started with, A hot, hot mess:

Now, there are a number of standard issue pieces here, and unless I was willing to risk a job in which I feel incredibly comfortable and two handfuls of lovable co-workers, I had to face up to a few design dilemmas. The charcoal grey speckled filing cabinet, above desk shelf/cabinet piece and tragically bulky phone, I unfortunately had to leave untouched...unpainted, unwallpapered.

But, with about $20 in fabric, spray paint and organizing supplies, and one late evening at work, here's what I created:

I started with a background color that could be versatile without becoming too neutral and void of personality. Green seemed a natural choice, since studies prove that it is the most restful color for the human eye...and it's my favorite color...Texture was also important to me, since texture seems to produce depth and layers. This spring green burlap was the perfect marriage of personality and texture. (It also helped that the price tag read $2.99/yd...)

I sorted through everything and made two piles: things I need daily and things to file away. Things that could be filed away are now hanging in color coordinated files, far, far away from the daily hustle and bustle. Things that I need daily are now stashed in the blue magazine holders as well as the white binders, just a little reach from Productivity Central. The cardboard magazine covers were once reminiscent of my parent's wood panelled basement...but with a little fabric and some hot glue, they made for a quick and personal update.

Carnations normally aren't my bag, baby, but something about them bright and clustered in a small-mouthed vase is energizing. Rarely is my pen holder this empty...I am, what you might call, a utinsel hog. Especially when it comes to multicolored felt tip pens.

In desperate need of storage for a few bulkier items, I bought two canvas baskets to sit on top of my shelf as well as a few wire baskets. They've come in handy, when I need to quickly tidy up my office and lack the time to actually find a home for every misplaced item.

I repurposed a black picture frame that used to be a desk hog into a mini-bulletin board...on my bulletin board. When I desperately need to remember something, I pin it inside the frame. Somehow a note being in a large black frame is a much better reminder than, say, sticking it next to the other 26 sticky notes lining your laptop screen...

Just a few little updates and I can truly say that at the end of the day, I feel so much more productive. There's something to be said for having your own space, and carving a little corner in your world.



Since I'm a pillow addict, when Print and Pattern featured this adorable pillow from Urban Outfitters it snagged my attention. But...I can't bear to part with more than about $10 on such luxuries, so this little cutie is out of the question.

Several days ago, while taking my 4 hour driving shift somewhere between Nomansland, MN and Population 2, SD, I completely fenced myself on the bird embellishment issue. I am undeniably guilty of overuse most foul (fowl!). They are *so* sweet and if it was socially acceptable there's a good chance that I might just stitch one on every garment I own But I can't help but think that the seam ripper and I would log a few hours together taking them all off within the next few months.

Your thoughts? Still fresh and sweet, or done and over?


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