building a nest.

Yesterday morning Gabe dropped by my apartment with an armful of lilies, fresh from the market! I hadn't taken pictures of my place, because it still needs a few homey touches. But I took advantage of yesterday's immaculate morning sunlight and fresh flowers...here are a few frames!

This chair was one of my first DIY projects a while back. I dug its lines and knew I could give it a quick face lift. One can of spray paint and a half of a yard of fabric made a world of difference!

I have a bit of a thing for framed art from thrift and antique stores. I snagged this mirror last year for only four dollars! A whole pile of art awaits my next hanging whim...but my indecisive nature has kept me from making any long term nail holes.
This is my tiny read/think/write corner. Generous co-workers funded the armchair with an IKEA gift card several months ago...I was ever so thankful as I was severely lacking extra seating. My living room is rather minuscule, but it's probably for the best. Forced decor editing!


  1. Yea I finally get a peek~! Thanks for sharing! Its wonderful!

  2. I love your place. Very fresh! I love the chair you redid and I just love that mirror!

  3. Your place looks awesome!! Am loving the color. That chair is seriously the cutest.

  4. Thanks, ladies! It is totally still a work in process.

  5. Wow! What an adorable little nest, and it sounds like it was affordable too! I love the first photo - the little frames and knick knacks on the console table look so cheerful. And I always like to see people do elegant things with IKEA furniture. Great place!


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