butting in.

( I realize this is two consecutive posts about butts, but in my defense, we're talking about two completely separate things. So bear with me. Oh, and find this insanely sweet necklace here.)

Twelve years ago I knew it was true blue.

I was 10, and deeply in love with all things theatre. But my sixth grade world was rocked when I discovered I had been cast as an elephant for our year-end school play (gooooooodbye, self esteem!). The kicker was...this elephant gig was a two person job. And my job? Bringing up the rear.

Thankfully, my fellow nerdling for life, Becky, was cast as my front half. Knowing how much I was dreading my debut as an elephant's fanny, she selflessly gave up the driver's seat to me and cozied up in the rump.

Happy Girlfriend's Day to all my pals who keep me sane.

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