lazy holiday.

Happy 4th, ladies and gents (and by gents I mean my father who reads occasionally when Everybody Loves Raymond is a rerun he's seen).

My mind is boggled by the fact that it is 10am...and I am being paid to laze in bed and blog. Oh, paid holidays. A luxury for which I am thankful.

I'm off to blow a ton of money making this. Enjoy your day!!


  1. That is a beautiful cake..and so funny..I'm making one too..only Barefoot Contessa's version, only I'm using a box cake mix..so it's a real lazy version. Also I'm making it for July 5th..cause that is when I can get company over here to justify making this cake. I'm afraid my cake will look like a berry massacre when I'm done.

  2. Your dad loves Everybody Loved Raymond too!! My whole family LOVES it!! I feel like I live in that show!! I have been watching it nonstop right now since we dont have cable yet. Just thought I would leave a comment and I hope you have a wonderful day:)


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