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Have I been living in THE smallest box or did anyone else know that Project Runway Season 5 premieres tonight? By some whim I looked up PR yesterday only to have my proverbial socks blown straight off when I discovered that I was a mere one day away from fresh load of fashion.

Since I have yet to buy a TV (refusing to shell out the cash until I can afford a 19" flat panel), I am holed up in my parent's living room...waiting. And choosing my favs. He might be promising, and my eyes are also on her. She looks like a snitch.


  1. Yea! Another PR lover! Blayne is...I don't know, that first outfit "looked like a giant diaper between her legs." Your links only had Blayne on them. Who are the other ones that you liked?

  2. Yikes! Link crisis averted...thanks for the heads up.

    My pre-show fav, for sure, was Kenley. Also dug Wesley. But now post-show, I am totally feeling what Kelly worked up with those vac-bags!

    LOATHE Stella. Loathe.


  3. Oh yeah...I know when Project Runway is!!! =) I am a super duper huge PR junkie! I have them all DVRed for whenever viewing pleasure! =)


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