scratch n' sniff.

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Am I crazy, or do you too remember the smell of home?

I'm sure I do. In my mind, home smells like apple cinnamon and linens. No, it doesn't actually smell that way. I suppose that is the romanticised version, the two scents I remember most from my childhood. My mom used to make apple cinnamon ornaments several times a year...fragrant apple and snowmen shapes lined a shelf next to the telephone in the kitchen. My bedroom was steps away from the linen closet, which was a mix of cedar and sunshine. My dad was nutso for line-dried laundry...my mother hated it because it left her jeans crunchy (I agree).

Now, twenty years later I know my parent's home smells differently. It smells of new furniture, fresh paint and dishsoap. But me? I'll always remember apples and linens.


  1. Oh my gosh...I agree with your mom! I hate hanging clothes out! Everything is super stiff! Plus, I'm super paranoid that they are gonna get outside dirty on them! =)

  2. Mmmmm....mom's linen closet. I know mom hates that smell, but it always makes me think of clean sheets. I'm afraid my cookie-cutter apartment doesn't have any homey smells to its linen closet, so my clean sheets never have quite the same appeal.

    Do you remember the smell of the old Electroloux vaccumm cleaner. That also means "clean" to me, even though mom hates it. I miss that ol' vaccumm. Isn't weird that different smells have different associations for each of us?

  3. Oh I love line dried sheets! That picture is just so cheery. I remember running through the sheets hanging from the line in the summer when I was little!


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