smoke signals.

Gabe's neighbors have the darnedest habit of extinguishing their filthy cigarettes into the one outdoor potted plant (which Gabe purchased). This is especially mind boggling since the landlord has so kindly provided an outdoor ashtray for their smoking convenience a mere 12 inches CLOSER to the 'smoke spot'.

In an attempt at witty redirection, I crafted this sign. But nature, I believe, has had the final say. It poured within 48 hours and reduced my sign to mere mush. The cigarettes, however, have mysteriously returned to the ashtray.

Ah, passive aggressive tendencies. You never lead me astray.


  1. How rude! I can't ever imagine putting them in someone else's plant!

  2. That is so hilarious! Your sign is very clever, glad it worked!

  3. I love Project Runway and I am just like you, sometimes I think I should forgo the season for the dvd but Wednesday nights always win!! My fav two are Emily and Kenley! I couldn't believe Suede won with his dress!!!

  4. I love it! I'm so passive aggressive - that's totally something I'd do.


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