shelve [to put on a shelf].

This is what my dream bookcase would look like, thank you

abchao for capturing the feel. I've been sorting my books by color since the first day I moved in and have yet to find the perfect sized bookcase to fit in my itty corner. For now they're stacked in two towering vertical piles, just a wiggle away from complete and devastating destruction.

(Can I just mention how abchao has wrapped up all my hopes and dreams and placed them in her home? View her eclectic and colorful home

here. For a woman who obviously digs color, she's done a ki-i-iller job editing what she brings into her home!)

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  1. I've been thinking about buying vtg books just for the color. I have a few. Also I am going to paint my bookshelf that I think..possibly I told G. I'd never paint. I think it was a deal breaker when he moved out of state.


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