Since I'm a pillow addict, when Print and Pattern featured this adorable pillow from Urban Outfitters it snagged my attention. But...I can't bear to part with more than about $10 on such luxuries, so this little cutie is out of the question.

Several days ago, while taking my 4 hour driving shift somewhere between Nomansland, MN and Population 2, SD, I completely fenced myself on the bird embellishment issue. I am undeniably guilty of overuse most foul (fowl!). They are *so* sweet and if it was socially acceptable there's a good chance that I might just stitch one on every garment I own But I can't help but think that the seam ripper and I would log a few hours together taking them all off within the next few months.

Your thoughts? Still fresh and sweet, or done and over?

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  1. Yes, I too think they are cute and sweet and vintage and stuff, but they are everywhere these days. I think you have to be very choosy and only buy what you really love.


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