getting board.

I need to cease and desist with the wedding boards, I know, I know. But the truth is...the internet just keeps revealing them to me, one beautiful board at a time. And really, is that my fault?

Creature Comforts created the above for coco+kelley's wedding inspiration contest, and without a doubt it's my top pick. That Irish green is right up my alley.

You can check out all 90 (ninety!) board submissions here.



It is physically impossible for me to use that word without shamelessly quoting Anne of Green Gables, which I've just now done. Alone in my office.

Ahem. Normally I feel completely in tune with whatever Domino Magazine showcases in it's latest issue, but for some reason September's issue nearly made my retinas bleed. This is a girl who loves color saying...too much!

While reading over at Bliss

about her living room transformation to all white, I had to agree: an all white room is so cozy and rejuvenating, that I might be persuaded to copycat.

Decoratively speaking, my bitty yellow bedroom has been quite neglected. I may just have to channel some of this restraint, because it looks like white may be just the trick.

(Please note: I had this little post all prescheduled and ready to go but I must interject--Jessica over at Swell Life posted some photos today that were oh-so-inspiring. Consider me head over heads for white.)

(photo found here)


shiver me timbers...

At this moment I am ever-so-mindfully making every effort not to move one single solitary inch, with the exception of the small jiggles my laptop makes with every keystoke.


Because, somehow....the stars, the ozone and my very curtains have alligned and by the grace of Pete, I have snagged one wavering bar of UNSECURED INTERNET at my tiny upper apartment in the ghetto.

The beauty of cuddling up on my own couch, smothered in blankets typing whatever my heart desires for the first time in three months...it finally makes writing out that monthly rent check seem worthy of every penny.

(pirate letterpress here)


saved items.

I am not a hip young adult in tune with the music scene. Not remotely cool enough for that. Music has to be recommended to me (usually several times), or I have to trip across it while in the car...frantically pat out fragmented lyrics in the form of a text message and research later. This week I got around to cleaning out the folder on my phone where I store all these encrypted messages, which are a hoot to translate three weeks after their initial recording.

Thought I'd share a few of my new favorites:

brandi carlile-the story
Um, wow? I enjoy songs featuring soft female vocals...so this was a complete 180 for me. It gives me chills. Between the powerhouse voice and unfeigned lyrics, it's a blend to experience, my friends.

griffin house-
the guy that says goodbye to you
"You don't need to change a thing about you...from where I sit you're one of a kind." How sweet. I want to hug someone. Really, I do. And I am not a hugger. Enough said.

rachel mcgoye-
try, try
Reminiscent of Colbie Caillat, but a fresh breath of air because it hasn't been played to death on every station from here to Beijing.

the weepies- all good things
I have been head over heels for The Weepies since last year. If my life were ever turned into a (pathetically dull) movie (about working, reading and surfing the web), I would make sure there was a break up montage in which this song was used. Somehow this might make me seem much more intriguing (but probably not).

(postcard found here)


back to the drawing board.

If Christmas were to come early (very early, say tomorrow) I hope it would come in the form of this chalkboard. Check out Revamp Boutique's blog for a daily dose of antique scouting, recycled or repurposed antique and vintage goods and shop updates.


always a bridesmaid (and comfortable)

Don't read this the wrong way. I am not engaged. Neither am I eloping, breathlessly awaiting a proposal or top secretly already married. I, much like other women, just love pretty things. And color coordinated romance. And a gosh darn good reason to throw a fabulously fashionable party.

Maybe someday in the very distant future I'll plan my own, but Hello! Lucky's Wedding Inspiration Boards are just enough to tide me over. Each photo links to the product or place of origin, so there's no dead end when trying to track down where the gorgeous blooms came from, or which photographer snapped that stunning photo.

This board, the Roaring Twenties, might be my favorite. But, 1001 Nights is a close second...

tuesday's child is full of grace (?)

Dear Tuesday,
You seem so hopeful. Weekend withdrawl has subsided, Monday has past. People love you. You're a sunny sight.
But, to state things bluntly, are you over yet? Because all I want to do is go home and eat this. And watch this.
(days of the week tags available here)


chalk it up (to laziness).

A little glimpse of Chalkfest...

And a lot of evidence of slothfulness on my part. I've logged more hours watching the Olympics in the last three days than actually working. The start of the week has been a receipe for a (beautiful) disaster. An out of town three-day work event, a cozy hotel, a compatable travelmate, a tiny town...at the end of the day I just want to crawl in bed and gorge myself on Michael Phelps and Twizzlers. It's a charmed life, I tell you.

Must do something creative soon or I'm quite sure I'll be declared a vegetable.


tread water.

(Photo from here)

Hello and welcome to Monday, my friends.

My officemate, Stephanie, and I are holed up in Hayward, Wisconsin for a three-day work conference. Last week, after a bleak search for the Hayward night life, we were somewhat wary of the trip. However, a quick drive through town proved our research to be false. Home to two flea markets, three mini-golf courses, plenty of lake views and one delectable plate of grilled cheese and fries...I may just love this place. The above photo is the view from our hotel's back patio. Luscious.

Oh, and it is also home to this beaut...

So, case closed? This place is kickin.

(Giant Muskie photo via this guy)


suit yourself.

Confession: I totally bailed on a night of roller skating with pals to watch the Olympics. And cry. Because somehow no matter how many bombs or how much hate and devistation there is in the world, there's something so emotional about watching the sole Niger Olympian proudly carry a flag that cost more than his entire country's GNP. Call me a sap.

The entire night was 40 billion dollars worth of fabulousness.

How dapper did the Netherlands look at tonight's Opening Ceremony? Crisp, white-piped, grey suits paired with those poppy orange ties...definitely one handsome risk worth taking. And the US, you might ask? Technical foul for improper use of barretts. Yikes.

This rusty red swirl design was repeated several times throughout the night in connection with the Olympic flame. A completely whimsical and unexpected pattern which I adore.

Did anyone else watch the opening, or am I the only square?


like chalk and cheese.

Yesterday I spotted a few artists toiling in the hostile heat to create this advertisement for this Saturday's Chalkfest, a creative event for artists in the area. Gabe can't quite bend his mind around the concept of the event...each time we see an advertisement for it I explain, in detail, what goes down.

Gabe: What's Chalkfest?
Me: Ok. It's at Wilson Park, that little park I love.
Gabe: Oh yeah.
Me: So, artists register for Chalkfest and are given a piece of sidewalk to create a large-scale piece of chalk art. Really intricate, beautiful things. There are other festivities, but basically you can stroll and check out the art.
Gabe: Really? That sounds awesome. Let's go.

After repeating the above conversation four times, I think the concept is understood.

Until tonight while writing this post.

Me: Check out these pictures I took of a Chalkfest ad downtown.
Gabe: So you're looking at pictures of Chalkfest?
Me: No. I took this picture. Of a picture someone drew downtown to promote Chalkfest.
Gabe: Cool. So are you going to draw that?
Me: Huh?
Gabe: At Chalkfest.
Me: No, why?
Gabe: Wait. What is Chalkfest. (Period intended.)

Somedays I swear we are chalk and cheese. And he agrees.


double trotter.

This weekend was positively pig-infused.

Gabe and I spotted an original Pass the Pigs game at a thrift sale and were reminded that it had been months since we'd busted out the pigs. So Saturday night, flashlight in hand, we crept down to the park after dark and played pigs on a rock til midnight. A hippy passerby boasted to us about his recent double leaning jowler (!!!) and I bemoaned the nixing of the "Makin' Bacon" position in the updated edition Pigs.

Is it pathetic that I miss the weekend already?

(Photo from here. Click here to play Pigs online.)


because it's friday.

This is neither attractive nor sweet. But it does however look exactly like our kitten, Ned after swallowing two frozen Christmas hams, a Chia Pet and an entire bucket of Meow Mix.

Happy Friday!


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