It is physically impossible for me to use that word without shamelessly quoting Anne of Green Gables, which I've just now done. Alone in my office.

Ahem. Normally I feel completely in tune with whatever Domino Magazine showcases in it's latest issue, but for some reason September's issue nearly made my retinas bleed. This is a girl who loves color saying...too much!

While reading over at Bliss

about her living room transformation to all white, I had to agree: an all white room is so cozy and rejuvenating, that I might be persuaded to copycat.

Decoratively speaking, my bitty yellow bedroom has been quite neglected. I may just have to channel some of this restraint, because it looks like white may be just the trick.

(Please note: I had this little post all prescheduled and ready to go but I must interject--Jessica over at Swell Life posted some photos today that were oh-so-inspiring. Consider me head over heads for white.)

(photo found here)


  1. I love Anne of Green Gables :o) so much scope for the imagination. Your yellow bedroom sounds wonderful, too. White is so nice and clean... I've never lived in anything but white walled rooms... though I think one day I'd like to try a robins egg blue, or buttery yellow... someday. Have a fun Thursday!

  2. I've always wanted to go all white, but I am nervous, as i have always had tons of color. I love your reference to Ann, she was my favorite growing up!


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