back to the drawing board.

If Christmas were to come early (very early, say tomorrow) I hope it would come in the form of this chalkboard. Check out Revamp Boutique's blog for a daily dose of antique scouting, recycled or repurposed antique and vintage goods and shop updates.


  1. That's a very pretty chalkboard... I've always had this thing though... I don't like the way chalk feels on my fingers. Just thinking about it makes me cringe!! I think I'm much more of a dry erase girl... although they're not quite as pretty!

  2. Oh my gosh...how funny! I just added this chalkboard to my Etsy favorites yesterday!!! =) I am in love with it too! It's just a little out of my price range! =)

  3. linnea~thats so funny that you have a bit of a chalkphobia! i feel that way about tongue depressors...just looking at them makes me think about what they feel like, which makes me gag!

    eleise~really? the same chalkboard? that is kooky! well, it is pretty irresistable :)


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