chalk it up (to laziness).

A little glimpse of Chalkfest...

And a lot of evidence of slothfulness on my part. I've logged more hours watching the Olympics in the last three days than actually working. The start of the week has been a receipe for a (beautiful) disaster. An out of town three-day work event, a cozy hotel, a compatable travelmate, a tiny town...at the end of the day I just want to crawl in bed and gorge myself on Michael Phelps and Twizzlers. It's a charmed life, I tell you.

Must do something creative soon or I'm quite sure I'll be declared a vegetable.


  1. Lol...I know what you mean...I have been a total Olympic junkie! I watch as soon as I am up in the morning and watch until I can hardly keep my eyes open at night!

  2. You're a vegetable! I have declared it so! Did you get to do something creative first?


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