like chalk and cheese.

Yesterday I spotted a few artists toiling in the hostile heat to create this advertisement for this Saturday's Chalkfest, a creative event for artists in the area. Gabe can't quite bend his mind around the concept of the event...each time we see an advertisement for it I explain, in detail, what goes down.

Gabe: What's Chalkfest?
Me: Ok. It's at Wilson Park, that little park I love.
Gabe: Oh yeah.
Me: So, artists register for Chalkfest and are given a piece of sidewalk to create a large-scale piece of chalk art. Really intricate, beautiful things. There are other festivities, but basically you can stroll and check out the art.
Gabe: Really? That sounds awesome. Let's go.

After repeating the above conversation four times, I think the concept is understood.

Until tonight while writing this post.

Me: Check out these pictures I took of a Chalkfest ad downtown.
Gabe: So you're looking at pictures of Chalkfest?
Me: No. I took this picture. Of a picture someone drew downtown to promote Chalkfest.
Gabe: Cool. So are you going to draw that?
Me: Huh?
Gabe: At Chalkfest.
Me: No, why?
Gabe: Wait. What is Chalkfest. (Period intended.)

Somedays I swear we are chalk and cheese. And he agrees.


  1. Madonnari festival in Santa Barbara, 1980. Ask Gabe if he remembers that. It may jog his memory. No wait he wasn't born yet. Ask me. I was there. Sadly I don't remember either. Disturbing. Take lots of pictures. Please ;o).

  2. I'm so jealous that I won't be in town for Summerfest and Chalkfest! I've been looking forward to it for awhile! Have fun!

    Seriously, how hard is to comprehend drawing something with chalk on the sidewalk. Kinda like hopscotch lines, only more difficult. Oh, Gabe...


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