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I am not a hip young adult in tune with the music scene. Not remotely cool enough for that. Music has to be recommended to me (usually several times), or I have to trip across it while in the car...frantically pat out fragmented lyrics in the form of a text message and research later. This week I got around to cleaning out the folder on my phone where I store all these encrypted messages, which are a hoot to translate three weeks after their initial recording.

Thought I'd share a few of my new favorites:

brandi carlile-the story
Um, wow? I enjoy songs featuring soft female vocals...so this was a complete 180 for me. It gives me chills. Between the powerhouse voice and unfeigned lyrics, it's a blend to experience, my friends.

griffin house-
the guy that says goodbye to you
"You don't need to change a thing about you...from where I sit you're one of a kind." How sweet. I want to hug someone. Really, I do. And I am not a hugger. Enough said.

rachel mcgoye-
try, try
Reminiscent of Colbie Caillat, but a fresh breath of air because it hasn't been played to death on every station from here to Beijing.

the weepies- all good things
I have been head over heels for The Weepies since last year. If my life were ever turned into a (pathetically dull) movie (about working, reading and surfing the web), I would make sure there was a break up montage in which this song was used. Somehow this might make me seem much more intriguing (but probably not).

(postcard found here)


  1. well- i know from your blogging you don't live super far from Minneapolis.... Brandi Carlisle is singing at the state fair this coming Monday and Tuesday. Free concert. I am so excited!

  2. Ooo I'm listening to the Brandi Carlile song right this second. Her voice is beautiful. Haunting and sad. You might also like Blind Pilot. Their album "3 Rounds & A Sound" has been playing on a loop in my car for weeks now. Found them thru {frolic!}. :)

  3. Thanks for the recommendations, girls!

    Second St., today I kept thinking, "Skip work...drive to Minneapolis..." :) Unfortunately, that didn't quite work out with the pile of things to do on my desk...so jealous that you got to attend! But I hope that concert was fab, let me know!

    Sara, I will have to check out 3 Rounds. I never pass up a recommendation from someone who also appreciates my tunes!


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