shiver me timbers...

At this moment I am ever-so-mindfully making every effort not to move one single solitary inch, with the exception of the small jiggles my laptop makes with every keystoke.


Because, somehow....the stars, the ozone and my very curtains have alligned and by the grace of Pete, I have snagged one wavering bar of UNSECURED INTERNET at my tiny upper apartment in the ghetto.

The beauty of cuddling up on my own couch, smothered in blankets typing whatever my heart desires for the first time in three months...it finally makes writing out that monthly rent check seem worthy of every penny.

(pirate letterpress here)

1 comment:

  1. Thought I taught you to be smarter than that...admitting on a public blog that you are stealing someone's internet service?? At least if you're going to steal it, don't brag about it in public!!! :-)


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