suit yourself.

Confession: I totally bailed on a night of roller skating with pals to watch the Olympics. And cry. Because somehow no matter how many bombs or how much hate and devistation there is in the world, there's something so emotional about watching the sole Niger Olympian proudly carry a flag that cost more than his entire country's GNP. Call me a sap.

The entire night was 40 billion dollars worth of fabulousness.

How dapper did the Netherlands look at tonight's Opening Ceremony? Crisp, white-piped, grey suits paired with those poppy orange ties...definitely one handsome risk worth taking. And the US, you might ask? Technical foul for improper use of barretts. Yikes.

This rusty red swirl design was repeated several times throughout the night in connection with the Olympic flame. A completely whimsical and unexpected pattern which I adore.

Did anyone else watch the opening, or am I the only square?


  1. I only watched momentarily, but I loved the Netherlands too! That guy who is the second from the left in your photo is HOTT!

  2. that's so funny. i bailed on vikings pre-season tickets and field passes to be able to watch the opening ceremonies. and even the olympic commercials make me cry. i am pathetic. the olympics also really inspire me to work out. i am planning on trying to run in the am, thanks to the olympics. which means i will just start hitting snooze at 5:00 am instead of 6:00. but at least i was inspired to think about running before work.


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