fall forward.

This cheery fall template really caught my eye since I am convinced fall has arrived in Wisconsin. Words cannot describe my elation! Commence two air/heat-free months...reducing my energy bills and freeing up an extra $60 to spend on what I please pay off student loans!


nope, go fish.

(photo found here)

Have you ever felt like your life is a game of Go Fish?

Everyone around you has handfuls of numbers, in time pairing them up with three matching cards and setting them aside. But you...you look at your cards and they're all strangely NOT numbers...you're holding an asterisk, a semicolon, etc.

You keep saying, "Do you have a ampersand? How about a parenthesis?"

And one after another, the other players look at you quizzically and say, "Uh, no? Go fish."

So, there you sit with an awkward handful of mismatched cards from the fishing pond, and all those punctuation cards that you just can't match up or get rid of. And the reality is, you don't mind that you've drawn wacky cards...you just wish you knew if there was something out there to match them or if you should just forget about it and sit this round out.

I'm quite positive this is rubbish and makes no sense, but if just one person understands that feeling...thank you.



Two years ago when my sister, in her omniscient knowledge, bought me the PostSecret book it was all over. I am now a complete sucker for artistic sociological projects. "Before I Die" is my new favorite.

The masterminds behind the project wanted to embrace the Polaroid while it's still around and inspire/encourage the public to achieve lifelong goals. So, they capture a random stranger's expression the moment they are sharing what they want to do before they die, and allow them to write their dream on the Polaroid. Five, ten and twenty years later they follow up with the stranger to see if they've achieved their goal!

After pouring over their online gallery, here are (what seems to be) the world's top goals:

1. Travel
2. Have children
3. Be loved
4. Eat cake/party like a rockstar

Feeling connected to someone I have never and will never meet makes the world feel like a mix of haunting and comforting...expansive and so tiny all in the same moment.

Mine is vague and open-ended but this is it:

Before I die I want to do something with my life that will make my family and closest friends say, "That is exactly what she was meant to do." Oh. And the above listed #4. :)

across the sea.

I think this apartment is mine's fraternal twin. The artistic, prettier twin. Just looking at it gives me that in-my-sweats-lounging-on-my-own-couch feeling...even though it is in Australia. Love, love it.



Tonight is crisp, fall is so close...and I just can't wait any longer. All I can think is...I would like this scarf.


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