'tis the gift to be simple

I always enjoy T-Day the most when it is just immediate family...a no-one-to-impress-let-your-hair-down-Thanksgiving, so we kept it simple this year. My parents, sister, Gabe and I cozied up in my little one bedroom apartment and let the day slip by while playing games, watching movies, sharing in the traditional meal and pouring over Black Friday ads.

It was, quite possibly, the most beautiful day of the year.

Also, I've recently rekindled my romance with carnations. They were once my most hated flower, but somehow have charmed their way back into my top three favs. So, seeing as they are quite economical...I couldn't help but set a cheery red bloom at each place!

Hope your Thanksgiving was relaxing and blessed!


case of the mondays.

Hello, 23 unread e-mails, 19 voicemails and 86 (literally) strange boxes delivered to my office addressed to me.

Goodbye, 1 mysteriously deleted computer folder which contained...my entire work existence.

Wednesday afternoon has never seemed so far away.


if the hat fits.

Typically winter and I have a long showdown, where I brazenly vow to battle the subzero temps clothed in flip flops, jeans and a hoodie. Then I slowly accept defeat and don a coat. But a very chill winter has begun here in the midwest, which I admitted last week by purchasing this coat. And since I've fallen, why not fall hard?

While scavenging at the local thrift store with my mama and sis, I stumbled across this sweet little ivory wool hat. After a little handwashing, and requestioning it's sterility, and handwashing again, its as good as new. The best part, other than the snazzy sequin detail, was the three dollar price tag!

Suddenly single digit temps look so much more appealing...


the most wonderful time.

(photo via Martha Stewart Living)

Please tell me I'm not the only one...

Normally I can hold off until after Thanksgiving, but Bing Crosby, Frank Sinatra and Ella Fitzgerald have already logged 40 hours playing in my office this week...and I feel that if I have to hold back my Christmas plotting, planning and joy for one more single solitary second I will vomit more glitter, garland and Christmas cheer than any one person cares to witness!

...am I ill, or do you have the bug, too?


a little rusty, but...

I have at least two excuses for my lack of posting. One being Gabe and my recent addiction to Scrabble (exhibited by the fact that I took the time to stage the above photo), and another less exciting but somewhat more personal reason.

But, here I am! Thanks to those who e-mailed to make sure I was alive...I was alive, just wrapped up in what adults call life, I suppose?

Thanks for checking in. I promise to keep things updated!


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