Since I work a normal 9-5 job and Gabe works later into the evening, I typically find myself with five blissful hours alone to craft, read and clean. Usually as the evening passes by I'm quite aware of the time, and try to tidy up before Gabe swings by my apartment on his way home.

Last night, I became wrapped up in my project-sorting through old Martha Stewart Weddings, In-Style Weddings and Modern Brides that I've stored. Carefully finding the dogeared pages, cleanly cutting them out, marking them with labels lest I forget why I saved them, then filing them into my alphabetized wedding hanging file box.

Yes. My wedding file.

This is about the dirtiest of all dirty secrets I might possibly possess. I have a wedding file box, which I keep stashed behind the pasta and canned goods in my kitchen cabinet. Not married, not engaged, not planning a wedding anytime soon. It's disgusting, isn't it?

Somehow, last night the hours flew and time escaped me. Suddenly I heard keys fiddling at my door...I fumbled frantically to hide the evidence that I'd frittered away five hours filing photos of cake toppers and centerpieces. But it was too late. The door opened and there I was...like the fat kid in the ice cream at 2am. Spoon in the carton and freezer hanging open. Only with clippings sorted by subject and alphabetical hanging files.

...and all I could manage to let out was a weak, "Don't judge me!"

Please tell me I'm not alone. Did you or do you keep a wedding file??

(this sweet couple is filed away in my virtual wedding file...)


  1. I SO had a wedding file. Since I am 11 years past needing it now, I have a "life" file now. Clips and photos of all things I love.

    Don't be ashamed. Some day you'll need it!

  2. Oh yeah...although some of the things changed in the file over the years...i had it in a binder that i even decorated the front of! =)

  3. I totally had a wedding file. My plan was the insert groom plan. My wedding was planned and organized-all I had to do was find the groom. He he he! Of course, by the time I got married I changed a lot of things, but I still stuck to some of my favorites and was very happy that I had saved things through the years.

  4. I had a wedding book:):) I even cut out The letters Wedding Book and pasted them on the front!! I still look at it time to time and I am amazed at how much I used in my wedding:) My cake was the same cake that I picked out when I was 15!! I remember taking my wedding book to the lady who was making my cake and saying this is the exact cake I want!!!
    Have a Wonderful day:):)

  5. Bethany...

    It's weird how alike we are:) I definitely have a wedding notebook and a virtual wedding file. It all started earlier this year when I was helping Laura plan her wedding. I just was browsing through everything and now that the wedding is long over, I still can't seem to stop. I am not getting married for a while, but I still can't seem to stop myself from browsing all the good ideas.

    Don't judge me either, all you bloggers:)

  6. Ladies...SO glad I'm not a freak! :) Thanks for the validation!


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