cup o' cheer.

We've been eagerly awaiting the switch of the Starbucks cup. It never feels like Christmas until I've held a toasty red Starbucks cup. I realize that's so...consumeristic of me, but in all honesty, it's true. Somehow that switch from your basic white cup to the jolly, holiday-tiding-filled, make-your-Christmas-dreams-come-true red cup releases an immense amount of endorphins in my brain. So, I fulfilled that urge immediately the day after Thanksgiving. Helloooo, Chai Nog!

Anyway...this is going somewhere. Handmade-esque Starbucks Christmas decor. Do you love that goodness? I do, too!

Just a tip: Last year, I simply asked the friendly barista what was done with the decor once the season ends. Turns out, since much of it is paper, they recycle it and send what isn't recyclable back to corporate. Recycle it, ladies! Then...I did what I rarely do...slipped my phone number across the counter and said, with a cheery Christmas smile..."I would absolutely love to recycle it for next Christmas."

And, come January 3rd, I had a voicemail from Starbucks inviting me to stop by and take whatever I'd like (!!!).

(photo found here)

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