Not crafty nor cute, but I love this shirt (only available today!). I'm such a bottled/filtered water snob. I have a really hard time drinking sink water, unless it is from my own sink. Like somehow my own tap water isn't brimming with flushed medication and irony pipe bits. Sort of like how you'd eat something that fell on your floor, but not someone else's? (Wait. Did I just admit that?)


  1. I love the shirt! They're already sold out!

  2. hee hee. I also only like my own tap water.... and i swear it is only good out of the bathroom sinks. I don't know why, but i won't drink it out of the kitchen. I also am a major sucker for cute water bottles. we have a years supply.

  3. ew... MN has gross water I've found out so I don't even drink out of my own tap! =)


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