what i wish i were wearing...wednesday edition.

sunny day
sunny day by wwrinserepeat

Some days, during the deepest dark of winter, I can't help but wonder why any of us live in the Midwest. Sure, the Christmas snow is charming. The people move at a livable pace and housing is cheap. Men still hold doors. People routinely offer to let you cut in line. But then, there's that one thing. That tiny amoeba sized-flaw in the entire plan.

The entire month of January. Thirty-one days that, as far as I'm considered, can eat it.

Tomorrow's forcast: High of zero degrees. Windchills of up to -45. In other words...any and all exposed flesh is headed for swift and immediate cellular death.

Have a warm Wednesday :)

P.S. I added a little music gadget to this bad boy. Fear not-it is set to play only when told. But, feel free to scroll to the bottom of the page and press that cheerful little 'play' triangle to experience some tunage that might just get you through Hump Day (?).

silly little head.

Although I'm unmarried, and currently without betrothed gal pals, I am strongly experiencing an impulse to buy this pillow and save it until a friend gets engaged...or stash it away until some day, in a galaxy far, far away...I get married.

Got the image
here...does anyone know where this pillow is sold?


colorful weekend.

(photo from alicia bock)

Just a few highlights (or shall I say strangelights?) of my weekend:

1. I ate meat for the first time in nearly six months. Whenever asked, I typically avoid calling myself a vegetarian, because I believe it makes meat eaters think I loathe them. I can say with certainty, I have no moral opposition to the eating of meat. Meat just makes me want to vomit. But what can I say, I craved a BLT on Friday, and had no access to the vegetarian fake-bacon I usually enjoy.

2. My grandmother joined Facebook...?

3. My pastor attempted to vigorously shake a Mountain Dew can during today's sermon, crack it open and somehow tie its explosion to a Biblical promise. Although the connection was lost on me, it certainly was a great time.

4. The free cookies that used to be available at my fav grocery store's bakery counter somehow turned into free ham samples. I know, right? Talk about a disappointing trip back to the bakery...

5. I have pledged to severely cut back on my Wal-mart shopping, after watching
Wal-mart: The High Cost of Low Price (three years after everyone else viewed it). I have squandered thousands of my hard-earned dollars inside those four walls, and absolutely nothing I love or value is from Wal-mart. I realized, in a way, I have been totally enslaved to "big box" shopping. It's how my generation grew up. Everything in one place at a ridiculously low price...easy, cheap and open 24/7. I'm sure there will be times I will wind up there, but I'm promising to do my best to plan in advance and choose to shop at a local grocery, craft, fabric and hardware stores as frequently as possible.

Has anyone else recently switched to staying out of large chains or "big box" stores? Was it harder or easier than you imagined?


winging her way.

Just found out that this June I'll get to spend a week with the girl who's been my best pal since childhood! We haven't seen each other in nearly two years...I am so elated for the California sunshine I'm praying she'll be bringing with her... :)

Hope your week is just as exciting!
(lovely and moody photo via this talented lady)


magic wand.

(photo via the lovely and talented gwendolyn kraehenfuss)
Hello, 2009! I can hardly believe the holidays have flown past. I can, however, believe that I still have gifts stacked next to the sofa that somehow haven't quite made their way to the post office...(apologies, dear friends).

Every year I wrestle with resolutions. Are they an inspiring do...or a disappointing don't? I do well for several weeks, but by February I'm just another washed up 'unresolute'. This year feels different. Maybe recent changes in my life have left me unrealistically optimistic about life in general...regardless, I feel like this is my resolution redemption year.

If I do decide to resolve this year (which I believe I just did?), these would be my top three:

1 . Budget money each month for direct and random acts of giving, outside usual church and charity offerings.

2. Eat better. Goodness, goodness. Eat better. Gabe and I always say that two foodies in a relationship is just as bad as two crack addicts. Except with excess weight and more teeth. But...you get the picture.

3. Get involved in my new church. It is such a blessing. After leaving the church I'd been a part of since birth, I was exhausted and didn't know what to expect when looking for a new home. But what I found was absolutely nothing I expected, and everything God knew my spirit needed. I'd needed it for a long time, but didn't know I could ever find a match. What I wandered into two months ago was equal parts of truth, love and charity (plus a pinch of creativity!). By far, the biggest surprise of 2008. And one of the things I look forward to most in 2009.

Whew. That last one got windy. But thanks for bearing with. :)

If you could make three resolutions that you knew where no-fail...what would they be?


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