colorful weekend.

(photo from alicia bock)

Just a few highlights (or shall I say strangelights?) of my weekend:

1. I ate meat for the first time in nearly six months. Whenever asked, I typically avoid calling myself a vegetarian, because I believe it makes meat eaters think I loathe them. I can say with certainty, I have no moral opposition to the eating of meat. Meat just makes me want to vomit. But what can I say, I craved a BLT on Friday, and had no access to the vegetarian fake-bacon I usually enjoy.

2. My grandmother joined Facebook...?

3. My pastor attempted to vigorously shake a Mountain Dew can during today's sermon, crack it open and somehow tie its explosion to a Biblical promise. Although the connection was lost on me, it certainly was a great time.

4. The free cookies that used to be available at my fav grocery store's bakery counter somehow turned into free ham samples. I know, right? Talk about a disappointing trip back to the bakery...

5. I have pledged to severely cut back on my Wal-mart shopping, after watching
Wal-mart: The High Cost of Low Price (three years after everyone else viewed it). I have squandered thousands of my hard-earned dollars inside those four walls, and absolutely nothing I love or value is from Wal-mart. I realized, in a way, I have been totally enslaved to "big box" shopping. It's how my generation grew up. Everything in one place at a ridiculously low price...easy, cheap and open 24/7. I'm sure there will be times I will wind up there, but I'm promising to do my best to plan in advance and choose to shop at a local grocery, craft, fabric and hardware stores as frequently as possible.

Has anyone else recently switched to staying out of large chains or "big box" stores? Was it harder or easier than you imagined?


  1. You can't feel too bad about waiting to watch the Walmart movie. I haven't seen it either...is it any good?


  2. It was surprisingly interesting. I thought it would be this hard-hitting propaganda filled story, more of a Michael Moore film. But, it really let the fact and the stories of small business owners and former employees win you over.

    Don't watch it if you're sleepy. It's not real action packed or anything :)

  3. Yeah, I just watched it for the first time about a week ago. I am really trying hard to find other places to shop. It's a little frustrating at first to find a replacement. Once you do, it becomes habit and I don't think I will ever miss shopping at Wal-Mart. Target is a little harder, but I used to work there- and it's pretty much the same as Wal-Mart as far as how they treat employees and how just a few of the top people are making all the money. They just have cuter things!


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